OR1 Jedi Jigger - Short Haul System

OR1 Jedi Jigger - Short Haul System
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Price: $224.00
Product ID : F22-J
Manufacturer: On Rope 1
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The OR1 Jedi Jigger is a two-compartment Cordura bag intended to separate hardware and rope to avoid entanglement. When in use the hardware compartment is deployed first and oriented where it is needed, followed by the rope as needed. Both compartments can be accessed simultaneously through the velcro panel on the side. An improved feature of this bag is that the rope moves from the rope compartment to the hardware compartment through a spacious ropeway on the side, avoiding entanglement during deployment This allows for rapid deployment and stowing of the Jigger. The rope threaded pulleys, PCD and two carabiners are accessible from the top end, while the 50' of PMI Tuff Cord is accessible and stuffed from the bottom. After all, when it is needed, it will probably be urgent.  This replaces the slow-deploying Radium Release Hitch or Mariner Hitch. The bi-directional operation of the Jedi Jigger makes it the Silver Bullet of riggers.

Reach into the top and grab the 5:1 or 4:1 mechanically advantaged system (See the labels on the pulleys) and connect it between the two points that you desire closer together.



50' PMI Tuff Cord

2 SMC Micro PMP Pulleys (SM154000N)

2 Omega Pacific Classic Screw Lock Carabiners (OPCL6L)

1 Jedi Jigger Bag (CP22)
 Also available with a Petzl handled ascender on one end for operation within seconds

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