About Us

Product knowledge: Our product knowledge comes from experience in demanding rescue, industrial and recreational scenarios. Both our President, Wm Shrewsbury, and his wife Carolina Shrewsbury have been caving and working with high angle rescue/work for over 40 years each. Not only do we know the gear we sell, we manufacture most of the packs, climbing systems, etc. that we carry. We only sell quality gear that has been tested, certified, and use ourselves so that we know what works.
On Rope 1 is not a virtual company, nor are we just a retailer, or just a manufacturer. We are also users of this equipment. Experience counts. If you have a question about single rope techniques and/or the equipment we make and sell, we will do what we can to answer your questions.
Great Gear: Great gear starts with great ideas, which in turn inspire great designs. Our design team is made up of people like you: caving, rappelling, rescue, and climbing enthusiasts. We are dedicated to perfecting ideas, concepts, and creating truly great gear. We believe the best designs come from an insider's perspective, a user's perspective, someone who truly understands what commitment means, descending Fantastic Pit, rappelling off the New River Bridge, or serving as a member of the local rescue team.
Commitment: It is this kind of commitment that drives us to design and build the best gear out there, the gear that we want to use - because our lives depended on it! It is this commitment that makes us continually evaluate our equipment, finding ways to make it stronger and more comfortable to use. We know the value of comfort and function, and know that proper gear needs to allow you to perform your job, your sport or your hobby. As such we create gear that is as simple and powerful, yet provides the comfort and strength standards to give you peace of mind, letting you perform your mission to the highest standards, knowing that you are using the best equipment available.