Fixe Plated Steel Traditional Chain Anchor

Fixe Plated Steel Traditional Chain Anchor
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Price: $15.00
Product ID : FX007
Manufacturer: Fixe
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The FIXE plated steel Traditional Anchor is designed for any type of route. This Top Anchor unit is ideal for multi-pitch climbs & pull-down caves. Multiple attachment points offer many options for belay and bivy set-ups. The anchor design is commonly used in Europe and has unfortunately not yet caught on in the U.S. When placed in good rock, the anchor simultaneously loads both anchors in bolt placements. The design locates the anchor bolts in a vertical orientation. This will eliminate the �Shock Load� possibility if one anchor bolt were to fail. This design is far superior to anchors that locate the anchor bolts across a horizontal plane.
These anchors are also excellent for use in "through trip" caves, where the cavers pull down their rope after each rappel to take the rope with them.  The large welded ring works excellent with both double rope & biner-block techniques. 
Anchor is rated for a 22kN load in concrete. Usage and strength in rock will depend on many factors including the placement, competence of the setter, & direction of pull to list a few. 
OR1 can not and will not be held liable or accountable for any risk, actions and/ or consequences resulting from bolting activities. It is up to you to find and receive competent instruction from an experienced bolter. 

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