OR1 Pair of Stiff Steps™ for Double Bungee

OR1 Pair of Stiff Steps™ for Double Bungee
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Price: $56.75
Product ID : F0102
Manufacturer: On Rope 1
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This is a pair consisting of (1) left Stiff Step™ with adjustable riser (F02) for the knee ascender and (1) right Stiff Step™ (F01, not the tandem step) for the lower ascender in a ropewalker system.
Sizing OR1 Stiff Steps™ 
Measuring is not a precise science; there are many variables to consider such as:
♦ Boot width
♦ Boot type - padded or thin boots effects size
♦ Amount of use - Nylon will shrink up to 10% after repeated wet/dry conditions
Double check by loosely measuring the circumference at the instep (2 vertical fingers between the laces and the measuring tape) and add 1 inch. This additional inch is lost during sewing and the protrusion (left and right) of \ the steel plate in the instep.
Again, remember that nylon shrinks 5-10% over the years.
If needed, custom sizes can be made for you.
Men's Boot Size        Foot Circumference     Stiff Step™ Size
6-8                                         14"                             15
8 - 9 1/2                                 15"                             16
10 - 13                                   16"                             17

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