OR1 Reversed QAS - Quick Attachment Safety Lanyard

OR1 Reversed QAS - Quick Attachment Safety Lanyard
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Price: $15.00
Product ID : F0401R
Manufacturer: On Rope 1
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If you are a top-heavy climber on a Double Bungee Ropewalker we recommend the use of a chest plate with double rollers, and a reversed QAS run through one of the rollers. Using a reversed QAS will put the adjustment prusik above the chest roller, keeping the side plates of the field roller from "minding" the Prusik down the lanyard. This will allow the user a way to rest while climbing.
If a regular QAS is used with a double roller and it is run through the second roller, the user will typically experience a problem with the roller shell side plates "minding" the Prusik, forcing it to slide down the lanyard when you apply body weight.Thus effectively lowering you off to the full length afforded by the adjustable QAS, a length at which the user likely did not wish to find themselves.
The chest roller's roller opening is sized close to the rope's diameter and will cause the QAS Prusik to slide down just like a Prusik minding pulley (PMP) would mind a Prusik knot. 
The Reversed QAS must be made with an ascender and cannot be sold alone as a lanyard. You may provide us with your ascender to incorporate into the Reversed QAS if you wish.
  • Rope is 9mm EZ Bend Static
  • Strength (MBS): 19.4 kN (4,350 lbs)
  • Weight: 53 g/m (0.57 oz/ft)

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