OR1 Double Bungee Rope Walker

OR1 Double Bungee Rope Walker
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Price: $430.00
Product ID : F20
Manufacturer: On Rope 1
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*** The original PMI Double Chest Roller has been discontinued and is no longer available. We are in the process of designing a new one and anticipate it being available around the beginning of July. If you order now, they will be shipped out in 'first come, first serve' when the new ones are made. Sorry for the delay, however we're trying to keep the Ropewalker system alive. ***
The Double Bungee Ropewalker made by On Rope 1 is the most comfortable and well-made Double Bungee Ropewalker in the world. It is the fastest and most efficient rope climbing system you can purchase. The OR1 Double Bungee Ropewalker is comfortable, durable and easily customizable for personal preferences. It's perfect for pits, caves and vertical work using single rope techniques.
  • A Double Bungee Ropewalker is the fastest and most efficient rope climbing system in the world.
  • Ascenders do not have to be manually advanced, making this climbing system perfect for long drops, allowing the user to be "hands free" while climbing
  • Most body types will find this system easy and versatile
  • While climbing, the user remains in upright position
  • To stop and rest, simply attach a QAS or Hand Ascender to the rope, tethered to the harness, and sit
This system includes:
  • 1 OR1 "H" Chest Harness (F09)
  • 1 PMI Double Chest Roller with sealed ball bearings (HD26109). Can also be used for a Mitchel System.
  • 1 OR1 Bungee Cord Assembly (F03)
  • 1 CT Simple (HD26254) (Petzl Basic (B18BAA) available as option)
  • 1 CT EVO Chest Ascender (HD26253) (Petzl Croll (B16BAA) available as option)
  • 1 Tether (8mm loop connects the delta on the knee ascender to Seat Harness)
  • 1 OR1 Stiff StepTM - Right (F01)
  • 1 OR1 Stiff StepTM - Left (F02)
  • User Instructions
Note: The Climbing Technology EVO Chest (HD26253) ascenders and the Petzl "Croll L" can be used on rope up to 13mm, meaning they will slide easier if using older ropes. The Petzl "Croll S" is designed to accomodate up to 11mm rope. Sometimes, with rope that gets a bit 'fuzzy' or muddy, it may drag a little, however it is smaller and slightly lighter than the EVO or Croll L.

Optional OR1 Hammock Sizing Chart

26"-31" XS
32"-36" S
36"-39" M
39"-42" M+
42"-45" L
46"-52" XL

Bungee Sizing

Stiff StepTM Sizing

Men's Boot Size
Foot (Boot) Circumference
Stiff Step(tm) Size
14" 15

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Cntrykid01
05/28/2019 - 07:30:34 PM
Worth every penny!!
If you're looking for a fast and efficient way to ascend a rope, this is the system you need! There are many different types of ascending systems, do your homework, but this one is great for any level of experience. Call the store if you have questions and they will walk you through the correct sizes and options. Everything arrived quickly and ready for use. You'll need a Q.A.S. (Hand ascender) or similar for your safety as well as means to attach it to your harness. Anyone of the staff at On Rope will make sure you have what you need! Once you get it, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE in a controlled environment...then you'll be ready to use it in the cave or wherever!

Highly recommend this system and Mr. Shrewsbury at On Rope 1!